One magic strategy for your relationship

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Whether you are a happy time with your partner now, or experiencing stress, it is a powerful, easy strategy you can use by yourself to create a more pleasant atmosphere in your home almost immediately! At the same time, this new tactic to begin to repair the chronic problems that come between the two of you again and again. I call it an action of love, and like all acts of love I give, it is based on universal spiritual principles, or spiritual society.

Hard to believe that a strategy could work so fast? Try it. A person I recently wrote: “. Now I know that if I follow your instructions, my relationship is really improving How often do you call?”

The real beauty of love is action that can make a dramatic positive impact on the quality of your relationship with your partner to participate. Your partner does not even know you’re doing something different. Unlike the traditional relationship between techniques, with two-way communication, this is the love of action is unilateral, so you can manage. It ‘s like a secret gift you give your partner. They both begin to feel closer, and your partner does not have the foggiest idea why!

Here is the loving action: For a period, three days or a week, make a solemn pact with yourself that you shall not make disparaging remarks and critical or demanding your partner said.

That’s it!

The first thing you’ll discover how often they are negative, critical, demanding or comments without notice, and without recognizing how much they slide down the energy in your relationship. First, how do you get a negative comment. “Damn, I wish these telemarketers would be stupid to stop!” or “Honey, you left the garage light again!” Then will come the magical moment when you realized you were about to make a negative comment, and stop talking. Congratulate yourself and see how this comment would be completely useless!

When you agree to self-deal, you may need to take care of some “problems” per se. To turn the garage light itself and not say anything about it. You race, or do the housework, even abandoned. Your share of the gift of love to give to your partner.

“Just a second!” I can hear you say. “It’s not fair, I should ignore my lack of cooperation partner, to do all the work yourself, and let my partner sit around a be a slob?”

Well, more or less. But I would not put it in that language.

So far, clean your mind of course in a fair and equitable manner, and look instead, is what you are doing is effective. What is the purpose of your relationship? And ‘to renew your partner, so he turns around and the (affectionate, talkative, thoughtful, helpful, loyal – Fill in the blank)? Or is the goal of your relationship to feel good together, enjoy time with each other, support and love one another? I urge you to focus on that second goal thanks to the efforts to reform your partner only impair the quality of your life together, and will never be effective.

When you attempt to refrain from any negative comments critical or demanding, you will be able to provide leadership in your relationship. A leader is one who voluntarily agrees to monitor not only its own needs, but the need for the whole group and everyone in the group. Leadership is generally not “fair.” The leader may have to do more work. But good management is effective, everyone happy and at ease, bringing out the best in everyone and keeping the group functioning well.

In the 60 and 70, which have to worry much about equity and equality, as they were losing the support of the rigidity / housewife model of the fifties. But now we’re ready to go beyond fairness and equality in an entirely new spiritual association. In collaboration spiritual purpose of their relationship is to behave in the most spiritual, loving way I can. The question is not “How can we solve our problems, O?” What is the correct way to solve this “The only question is:” If I had to act in accordance with my highest spiritual value on time, was going to do? “

When you change inside, their relationship begins to grow by itself. You will not “solve” their problems, makes it better, seeing their relationship as a spiritual practice.

Now look refrain from making negative comments and take care of problems creatively on their own in this new context. Being “big” you’re here, you behave in a more spiritual way, offering a gift of love to your partner and your relationship, and participating in a larger image and spiritual effects of their relationship.

For decades, we made a mistake to apply the rules Marketplace reports. But the aim of Market Place is to go forward, to bid, in order to outsmart the other guy, and look beyond their own needs. The purpose of love is love. That’s it.

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