Online asian dating and five guys to avoid

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After years of experience running an Asian dating website, I have discovered five types of men that should walk away from online dating. While the list below is meant to be humorous, Asian ladies should avoid these types of guys. This will help you remain sane and avoid wasting a lot of time looking for a partner.    

Never Activate Nate – Nate decides one day he is going to marry an Asian princess. He stumbles across Melinda’s Filipina Penpals and falls in love with a lady in the photo gallery. Nate completes his dating profile and clicks the submit button, only never to return. Nate lost interest in Asian ladies, because while he was waiting for the activation email he fell in love with a Colombian Goddess.

Picture Less Peter - Peter cannot bring himself to post his picture. He loves Asian ladies but is not blessed in the looks department. He tries to win women over with his beautiful key strokes, but nothing ever works out. Every time an Asian lady asks to see his photo he gets frustrated. If only his favorite Brad Pitt avatar still fooled them like it use to.

Mr. Nothing Nincompoop- Mr. Nincompoop has nothing to say but decides to waste 2 minutes filling out his dating profile. He figures out how to type the fewest key strokes possible and still get the site to accept his submission. Nothing man feels he has beat the system. Maybe some hot Asian lady will see his empty profile and fill it in with her imagination. She will email him tonight and they will be making love by sunrise.

Married Mike – Mike loves Asian women but he has a few issues. His wife is at home and happens to be six months pregnant. However, Mike feels he has the right to find another wife because he is not sure if the baby is his. Married Mike also has a few other problems he tries to keep a secret from the ladies. This includes 3 child support orders, a strange kissing disease, and a secret engagement to his brother’s girlfriend. Mike just never gets his act together and gives up on Asian women after a few short weeks.

Clueless Karl – Karl is really a nice guy. He just happens to be technologically challenged. He buys his first personal computer for $3000 and pays a guy $200 to set it up. Mr. Clueless wants to learn the Internet but cannot get a break. He does manage to find the search box and types in the term “Asian ladies dating”. Before Karl knows what happened he has landed on 4 or 5 porn sites, accidentally downloaded 4 Trojan viruses, and now only sees a white screen. Karl’s computer is now in the shop and his dream of marrying an Asian lady is put on hold.

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