Oral stimulations

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It’s all about going down on your man. Men; don’t be discouraged, it’s only fair for me to give advice to women, right? There are tones of things when we talk about oral sex. Take a few good tips and enjoy the sexual life.

Talk to your partner about oral sex. Just because men seem the same sexually, doesn’t mean they all like a blowjob. Ask your partner what he likes to do when he is alone, by himself, sexually. Then ask him what exactly does he like about oral sex, what interests him.

A lot of men are very visual oriented. It’s all about how you look or you do it. There are a lot of women who think they look stupid or ugly while performing. Don’t think like this, men love it when you do the oral sex. Actually, most of the men love it, there is a very small percentage of men who do not like the oral stimulations and when you have already talked to them about it, you already know exactly what they like and what they don’t. Most of the men love to see every detail of your body when you give a blowjob, so, pull your hair up and let them enjoy a full and complete view of your body that will arouse them sexually.

Guys can take a little more time to reach the climax of an orgasm so a couple of tips to consider are usefull. You don’t have to use your mouth the entire time. Switch off with your hands, jump on top and go for a few strokes, then move back down and put it in your mouth again. Having a better sexual experience is all about a mind game. The thought of you tasking yourself on his favorite tool will defiantly excite him more.

Make sure your partner is good and hard before you start this otherwise your efforts could be ruined in making it hard. Now arousing him even more during sex is the best technique you can use. Moan a little; say something like, “baby you can do anything you like”. This will arouse him and let him feel more excited. Remember, sex is just another mind game. All that matters is how well you play it.

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