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Oriya wedding ceremonies, rituals & traditions are almost similar to Hindu wedding ceremonies. Oriya marriage is an integral part of the Oriya culture from the state of Orissa. Here people are very simple & the customs & practices followed in Oriya Shaadi are also simple. The most interesting fact about the day is that the groom’s mother in Oriya marriage does not take part in the wedding ceremony. Oriya Brahmins follow their marriage practice in day time whereas non Brahmins generally carry out wedding formalities in evening time or after the sunset.

Oriya bride wears saree or lehangas which are rich in colors like red, orange or magenta. Materials used for such garments can be either silk, cotton or chiffon. Wedding day is for the bride & groom specially, that’s why bride is dressed well with rich ornaments and other jewelry to make her the most beautiful looking bride of universe. Same way Oriya groom has also some specification in their costumes. He generally wears a dhoti and Kurta, sometimes a white silk cloth around known as the “jor”, during the wedding rituals. Formal attire or blazers are the other options to wear during the reception ceremony in Oriya weddings.

Rituals in Oriya wedding – The most important & remarkable feature of the Oriya marriage is that groom’s mother is not allowed to anticipate in the wedding ceremony of her son’s marriage, which is traditionally followed in Oriya Shaadi. Even though she is not allowed to participate for her son’s marriage her blessings always remain with the groom during wedding ceremony.

Nirbandh – Engagement – Once the bride & groom make their mind to get into relationship of life partner with each other, their parent’s fix their marriage. And once the marriage date is finalized, they begin with ceremony called as Nirbandh in Oriya which is very much similar to an engagement ceremony. This day parents of the bride & groom in Oriya takes oath that they will tie the wedding knot between their children.

Jayee Anukolo – This is the initiation of marriage rituals followed in oriya marriage. Here the activity of distributing the wedding cards is started. The first card is honored to Lord Jagantah the divinity in Oriya community. The second card is then presented to maternal uncles of the bride & groom’s family.

Mangan, Jairagodo Anukolo Customs – In this tradition a turmeric paste is applied on the body of the bride by the family members, close relatives & friends. This is further followed with a ceremonial bath for the Oriya bride.

Diya Mangula Puja – This puja is conducted at devi’s temple followed since long in the family. New bride`s bangles, toe ring, sindoor and saree are offered to Goddess by the female barber and blessings for a long peaceful happy married life is invoked from the Goddess.

Barajatri & Baadua Pani Gadhua – Barajatri, Borojatri or Baraat – These customs are the ceremonial procession when the groom with his family and friends arrive at the wedding venue with pomp & gaiety at bride’s place. Upon arrival, the groom is treated with Tilak by the bride’s mother and other members from the groom’s side are very well hosted with full of respect. Members within the family inform the bride that groom has arrived to marry her and then she is taken for a ceremonial bath called Baldur Pani Gadhua.

Kanyadaan – It is most common activity in hindu marriage. Here the bride & groom take seven rounds around the fire symbolizing the sacred fire as the witness for their marriage. Father of the bride handover her daughter’s hand in the groom hands taking the promise that he will always love, respect and take care of her in all situations.

Grihapravesh Tradition – The bride is welcomed at her new home with her husband. Here the family members of the groom’s family give a warm welcome to the bride and celebrate the special day in their own unique way.

Astha Mangala Custom – After the marriage on eighth day the new couple visits the bride’s home where the family members welcome the newly married couple. Delicious & tasty f

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