Penis extender do they work

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Enlarging Penis by using penile extender is recently becoming popular and the resulting effects have proven to be a great one. To use this method of penis enlargement entails putting on medical equipment that has a small weight around the penis when it is not erected. This penis enlargement equipment has some screws which enable you to alter the length of you penis and increase the length as desired. As you alter the size of the extender, it also concurrently results in your penis size be adjusted accordingly. This penis extender has to be used not less than 6 hours in a day for you to achieve the desired result. When adjusting the length of the penis extender extra precaution must be taken to make sure you don’t over adjust it to the detriment of your health as this can give you a serious injury if you do.

This equipment is a new innovation and it is very new but the theory behind it has been in existence for centuries for enlargement of penis. Its effectiveness is based on the principal theory that people easily adjust to a new situation or surrounding in order to achieve what they need to do in their very present situation.

Take for instance, those who want to grow muscles do lift immense weight from time to time and the magnitude of this weight is also gradually increased. Their body will find it very difficult to bear with and cope initially but as time goes one they get fully adjusted and start putting on bigger and bigger sizes of muscle. This is the theory behind penis extender. It helps to adjust the size of the penis and when it is constantly done, it becomes the lasting size and outline of your penis.

The toehold result of this type of penis extender has, is that, its effect is felt more according to the number of frequency of time that it has been used. The higher the frequency of time that you use it, the larger the size of your penis becomes. Penis extender is the most risk free and the most efficient way to increase the size of the penis. Using the method of surgical operation is very costly as well as it can cause a lasting injury to your penis; making use of pills for increasing the size of the penis is never successful independently but has to be used together with penis enlargement exercise for it to work; the use of pumps and weights to enlarge your penis size may work but they can leave a lasting injury to your penis. This is why penis extender is the most acceptable way to get penis enlarged recently. Also it has been medically proven to constitute no after effect reaction to your penis or health.

Just putting on the Size Genetics penis extender for about 5 hours a day for 3 months helps you to gain about 1.1.5 inches of increase in the size of your penis. You will be required to wear the penis extender for at least 5 hours daily for three months to be able to gain between 1 to 1.5 inches on penis increase. The length and girth of your penis will improve while you are using this simple device. Your penis length and width will increase while making use of penis extender depending on the type of body you have but in most cases you will be able to gain at least on inch to the length of your penis. You would usually use the penis extender for 6 months after which you are expected to stop using it because you must have achieved the desired result.

There is no need to be concerned about whether or not it will affect your health adversely, there is nothing like that with the use of penis extender and the resulting increase in size is long lasting. Finally, penis extenders do work for the enlargement of the penis.

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