Personal lubricant

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There are some types of lubricants – silicone based, polyethylene glycol based or water based. The advantages of silicone lubricant are absolute neutrality, good lubricating property and low price.

Polyethylene glycol is the substance widely used in cosmetics as the base for cream. It dissolves most types of additions but all of them are too expensive.

Water based lubricants (lubricant wet) are more natural for mucous membrane; it washes off good and comes out easy.

If your skin is too sensitive, use water based lubricant cream. Hold the tube near the bed (under the pillow, on the shelve, etc). Lubricant cream could be very useful if it was chosen in accordance with the type of skin and preference of flavor.

Do not use ordinary daily face cream, oil for kids of any other substance made on the basis of oil of fat. Oil destroys latex and the condom becomes defective. Lubricant creams are exclusively made on water basis. That’s why they are safe and produces to make your life easier and pleasant.

Drugstores offer a lot of condoms with special lubricant. For example spermicidal lubricant or lubes with special virus-killing effect. Lubricant containing nonoxinol 9 could irritate vagina or anus. Besides it, most people do not like its specific smell and taste.

Anesthetic lubricants (containing benzocaine) could help to prolong coitus due to anesthetic local effect which reduces man’s sensitivity.

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