Physical attraction

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For many guys in relationships, physical attraction to their partner can waver. Often, men find other women physically attractive as they are out on the town. Occasionally, men will find it a physical attraction test as they go out; they will be with their wives, girlfriends, or friends, and notice someone else more than they may notice their significant other.

Physical attraction is quite important in any relationship. One young man once said that he is prepared to suffer any hell in the hands of his wife, provided she is a beauty to walk the road with and make others jealous. There is a popular saying that “the eye must first eat of any delicacy before the mouth”. This is a way used to express the feelings people have in their hearts about the place of physical beauty or attraction, especially the relationship of the sexes.

When a guy is physically attracted to you he will complement you a lot. But that complementing will be directed more towards your physicality. If you find your man complementing your looks, clothes, hair and skin then he is physically attracted to you.

There are strong relationship involving the judgments of attractiveness and cultures. In addition, babies who in all probability have not yet been totally affected by culture, have a propensity to have preferences of the same man’s facial structure and are considered attractive through adults. Nowadays, there are several experiments that have been done in America for backing these findings.

While some people still thinks that having feelings outside or even physical attraction for other individuals is deemed to be wrong. Okay, another question: why will a person still be looking at other eye candies if they can always look at that special someone which they’re already committed to? Most persons find their daily activities such as physical attraction checking for a variety of reasons. And one of the major ones is the lack of attraction for their own partners or lovers.

Wearing a great outfit but have it complemented with the wrong shoes and bag? Your target will give you a miss. Remember that men like women and get attracted to those who take care of themselves and look into the smaller details. So team your dress with the right accessories (shoes, bags, jewelry etc) and never make him see you with chipped nail polish.

If someone glances at you more than once or longer than necessary, you’ll be pleased to know that this person likes or fancies you. You can either smile back or try catching that person in the act. If that person turns red or suddenly stammers, you know you have successfully interpreted their actions.

If,however you really believe that you can and will have both the physical attraction AND the relationship compatibility,  you will be able to attract that into your life.  You will find a partner that is both appealing to your eyes and to your heart.  Someone wit whom you have both the physical chemistry and the bonds of a lasting relationship.

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