Plan a honeymoon vacation that you cherish for the lifetime

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Weddings are grand affairs. Marriages are not a day’s or two days’ affair but are a promise of togetherness for lifetime. So it is important to celebrate and start your new phase of life by taking a vacation with your spouse. Honeymoon plays an important part in marriages as it is at honeymoon that the partners get to spend time with each other and understand each other.

Understanding and compatibility are most important factors in a marriage. Therefore, take time out and take your new bride to a beautiful destination and celebrate your wedding at your honeymoon. Roam around, explore new places, travel, shop, engage in adventure sports, dine together and have a lot of fun at your honeymoon.

Sometimes finding the right place may be a tough task for you. One small detail can ruin your honeymoon. You need to choose a good place and ensure staying there is also as pleasant as the place to make sure you and your spouse enjoy and have an enjoyable time. A good and planned vacation will ensure beautiful memories for lifetime. Choosing a right place to have the first vacation with your partner will depend on the kind of people you and your spouse are.

You can opt for a romantic and quiet place if you are into spending quiet time with each other without the hustle and bustle of the out world. You can opt for hill stations to enjoy scenic beauty around. For instance, places like Darjeeling, Manali, Simla, Dharamshala, Kashmir etc. are some of the hottest hill stations in India that make for a popular vacation spot.

However, if you are an art lover and you enjoy exploring forts and monuments, you can go to places like Khajuraho, Rajasthan, Jaipur, Udaipur etc. These places are abundant in beautiful deserts, sand dunes and vibrant coulourful culture.

You can also plan a long continuous travel trip covering an entire region. For instance, you can try covering the north-eastern area or south of the country. There are a lot of places worth exploring in north-east like Darjeeling, Gangtok, Kalim Pong and other innumerous small but vibrant villages waiting to be explored!

There are various other places with a different character each that you can opt from. If you want to party and just let loose, you can plan a vacation in Goa. Backwater destinations like Cochin, Thiruvallam are beautiful honeymoon spots. There are loads of beautiful places around metropolitans as well. You can opt for a honeymoon near cosmopolitan cities and explore nearby spots and come back to the city as and when you want to go shopping or partying at night.

Make sure to discuss with your partner and decide a place that both of you want to go together. Choose from the best Honeymoon destinations india as per the kind of environment you wish to spend your vacation in! There are a lot Wedding planners in India that assist you to plan your honeymoon by helping you pick from the Best places for honeymoon in india. Have a good time!

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