Platonic relationship:my views

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I am delighted to share my views with all of you on a complex topic like platonic relationship.

Many of you will ask what kind of relationship can be termed as platonic. Simply we can define it as LOVE CLOSE TO DIVINITY .In general language it is relationship in which two person shares great emotional   attachment   without having any lust or desire.

It is always easier to share such kinds of relationship with the person having same sex ,for example it is always easier for two boys or two girls to have relationship like that .But here I am interested to find out whether that kind of relationship can work between a man and a woman.

According to me it is possible as I have seen many person sharing such kind of relationship .But the problem is that there is always  a natural attraction between people of opposite sexes and it is always difficult to maintain such kind of intimacy which is completely non-sexual in nature. Now all of to you will ask” IS THERE  A NEED OF SUCH KIND OF RELATIONSHIP????The answer is yes ……but why …???

This question is quite genuine as you all will feel  ,in our life we have several  relationship like parents-child  brother –sister ,husband –wife ,then why there is a need for that. All of you will feel that we always search a person who can satisfy our emotional and intellectual void as it is impossible for a person to succeed in life who is emotionally and intellectually incomplete .In many situations we become unable to fill those voids with the help of our parents or even with our wives ,then we always try to find someone who can make us feel complete.

But going into such kind of relationship is not so easy .There is always the problem of that natural attraction.  If you are in such relationship you have to be mentally strong especially if you are married. It is very difficult for a person to understand that their wife or husband still loves them when they are seeing that the same person is more  happy  with some other one.

In some cases this type of relationship works very efficiently, like  in a relationship in which we have great respect for each other .Every person in his life always have a relationship like this .We always need  caring and helping hand in our life .

I would advice all person having such type of relationship to enjoy it but they should have the courage to end this as any one of  them  develops some sexual attraction for other.

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