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Scammer is lady. The lady registers in marriage agency and make correspondence with men who use the service of the marriage agency. Lady is real; marriage agency provides web camera meetings. Actually the lady is not going to marry. She may have husband, children, lover and use you as a financial support. Such ladies as a rule have 6-8 admirers and “work” with them. It’s simply kind of business and nothing more.

In the beginning marriage agency does not suspect scam but when the marriage agency suspects scam it simply keeps silent because they earn money on your relationships with the lady.

This way the lady only meet men, smile and pull money. There are different kinds how to get money from men: computer courses, driving license, disease of her mother, broken leg of her elder sister, beauty saloon, bank credit for education, foreign language courses, travel passport (which already lady has already had) etc. You know scammer will find ways to get money from victim once the scammer feels that victim is seized. 6-8 admirers usually make scammer profit about 7000.00 USD per year. (Just notify you that minimal salary in Ukraine is about 1200.00 USD / per year). This is the most frequent kind of fraud. This scam is made by professional scammers only.

Our German client impressions about this scam: “Every time you visit … you meet her, make her money gifts, flowers gifts through dating agency, pay IBM courses. Everything is perfect…. I’m far away from her and could not control her actions… She visited my country. My relatives, friends like her. She’s charming.…. I’m happy. Her mother is ill and needs money. Money is nothing when you fall in love and I grant money with pleasure… From time to time I had feeling that I was cheated but I got rid off this feeling. She’s angel and I accustomed to her. Finally I caught that I was used for money support and I was not the only person who was cheated. But it’s too late. Time is wasted, heart is broken, thousands Euro lost and after 2 years I have nothing.”

Average waste is 12000.00 USD / each victim

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