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Change in clients is only possible when clients and their therapists have similar values. The basic problem in psychotherapy is the lack of understanding between the patients and their therapists. This develops depression in the patients and the most often result that we face in these cases are suicides. These problems are mainly caused because of the fact that the therapists do not get adhere with the patients.

In this study we will discuss the most appropriate ways by which the therapists can deliver a successful therapy. We will also discuss the primary ways in our study that can increase or maximize the external and internal validity

Different hypothesis have been formulated in order to explain the relation between therapists and the patients. Some hypothesis state that the outcome is greatly affected by the relation of therapists and the patients while the others state that the outcomes can be measured by the therapist’s techniques, and the behavior of patients. Therapists employ a number of techniques to bring the change in the patients. These techniques could be in the form of dialogue or in the form of behavior of therapist towards the patient. As mentioned in the hypothesis, the therapists can only bring change in the mental health of the patients if their frequency and tone will match to that of the patients. For instance, in Psychoanalytic the therapists try to change their dreams and fantasies where the patients have some sort of flaws or conflicts. In other words the basic purpose of the therapists is to employ the methods which could help to turn the negative emotions of patients into positive one and to change the ways of patients which they have chosen. Obviously for applying this skill, the values and behavior of the therapists should match to that of patients. These two aspects play a fundamental role in bringing the change in the mental health of the patients.

Therapists are trained to help the patients to bring changes in themselves by identifying the areas having some sort of conflicts. The most important thing which does matter in psychotherapy is the understanding between the patients and their therapists. This understanding can be measured by the fact that how well the patients is getting closer to the therapist.

In psychotherapy, the decisions of the patients can be influenced by the certain variables. Usually the psychotherapists involve these variables to change the thoughts and emotions of the patients. For example, a variable known as “intervention specific variable” is much influential for involving the person into the music therapy.

Psychotherapy is not a physical disease which can be overcome by medicines or doses, yet it is a mental disease and in other words it is the behavior of a person towards the environment. Therefore this mental disease needs some proper understanding between the patients and their therapists. Studies reveal that only those psychotherapists become successful in bringing changes in the clients, who do not only match their values and frequency with their patients but also try to maximize the internal and external validity. It has been indicated in many surveys that although the therapists are dedicated but they do not know the techniques of delivering a successful psychotherapy. In these cases, the therapists do not play any role in bring a successful change in the mental health of their clients. Ultimately, this causes depression in the patients and the ultimate result is suicides.


The above discussion has made it clear that therapists can only acquire the required results if they will match their tone with that of patients. There are a lot of ways they can do so. To save the problems of suicides, the therapists have to make sure that they are adopting the most appropriate way to treat the mental disorders of patients.



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