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On our dating site Lonely Soul you can now take part to the rankings, to find the most interesting and ideal profiles! Help us to find the sexiest or the cutest girl, the ideal wife, the ideal lover…

Lonely Soul Rankings – Women’s Top-100


The ranking is based on votes from registered users only. It is possible to vote for an user from his personal page, and it’s also possible to vote for both men and women. You can vote for every profile once every 10 days, and it’s not possibile to cancel your vote. The rankings are calculated in real time!

The sexiest woman

The presence in the ranking lists is the sign that the user is very appreciated by others and it increases her profile’s popularity and her possibilites to meet new friends.

There are girls and women of all ages. You can notice that in the first positions of this ranking there are a lot of women coming from East Europe countries, especially from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

They are the real Lonely Soul’s stars!

The ideal lover

In the Top-100 ranking you can see the sexiest and most intriguing women on the Site, women who inspire the secret wishes and the adventurous spirit in men…

Lonely Soul can assure you that these women are all real, as they have developed powerful filters against fake users and scammers.

The cutest woman

The presence in this ranking list enhances the user’s profile, because the sympathy is sign of popularity among other users and it’s much easier to meet new friends.

The most attractive woman

Taking a look at this ranking, you could notice how many beautiful women are searching for new friends and love..

The most mysterious woman

Mystery can be fascination, attraction, magic… take a look to the rankings to see all facets and different meanings which everyone of us can give to this word. There are many mysterious and fascinating women, which are waiting to meet you…

The ideal buddy

Friendship is one of most important reasons why so many people subscribe to Lonely Soul: it’s easy to find new friends, men and women and chat with them!

The ideal girlfriend

Only the best girls can enter this special ranking and conquer the first positions: browse their profiles and discover how many beautiful girls conquered the heart of Lonely Soul’s men!

The ideal wife

To be present in the Top-100 ranking should be a compliment to every woman, because this vote arrives directly from the men present on the Site! So many men would like to have you at their side as their better half!

Who will they choose?…

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