Relationships can be a messy game

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Relationships are full of mines, traps and ways for women to catch you out, you have to be on your guard at all times and make sure you are not caught out. Women are evil in some ways they feel as though they need to test you all the time, even though they know that you are the one for them already. It seems they have to be sure of everything and to do so they may go to some drastic measures to test you.

You would be surprised at some of the stories I have heard in the past few months about women testing their men and pushing them to the limit when it comes to their relationships. Some have had their most attractive friends come on to their man to see what they would do, others have tried to catch them out in conversation and some even just go missing for a week to see what their man would do.

Yet all they are trying to figure out is whether or not you give a damn about the relationship, or you are just like every other man she has ever gone out with. You need to prove yourself, and yes these are extreme cases of tests that may be thrown at you, but there will be certain bombs that you won’t see coming. In order to be ready for them you must be looking out ready for them and make the most of what you have to offer.

If she can see that you are the man for her, and that you do care about the relationship and not just the sex then your life will be fine. But if you don’t see the way in which you are supposed to carry yourself as mandatory then you best hope you don’t care too much about the relationship because it may not last long at all.

Give yourself a fighting chance and make the most of what you have together, this way you will actually enjoy the time you have and you will care about the relationship. Once you have passed the test, which you won’t realise you have done by the way, it is imperative your standards don’t slip.

Make sure you are up to scratch and you will be fine, but anything else and you will end up on the back foot and that is not what you want to do.

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