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This advice article aims to explain the reality behind fighting a restraining order during a confrontational divorce battle – more specifically, the practical implications as well as the legal process which will be involved.

When I set out to write this article, it wasn’t my intention to only bring bad news to any readers; there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you can get that restraining order thrown out of court if you’re smart.

First of all, the unfortunate fact is that fighting a restraining order takes time, and you need a lot of patience. It also takes a lot of paperwork, some legal cases can last years, and my own legal case lasted almost three years before I was assigned full custody of my two sons.

Reasons Why Innocent Men Are Falsely Served With Restraining Orders

The single biggest factor that leads to women filing a restraining order against the father of her children during divorce, apart from the benefits of doing so, is that it’s incredibly easy to do. In a lot of states, it just requires that she submits paperwork to a court and attends a short hearing.

Then BAM, the named “abuser” has a temporary restraining order placed on him, and he gets served an invitation to attend court a month later to defend himself. In the meantime, his gun control rights have been withdrawn (so his job might be in danger), he’s paying higher maintenance fees, and he can’t see his kids – you couldn’t imagine any more serious restrictions really. Some states have started to pioneer telephone filing of complaints – so she may not have to attend court at all to get an order granted.

Another element which encourages this situation is that the burden of proof is the lowest it can possibly be. In legal terms, “the burden of proof is by the preponderance of the evidence”. In other words, the judge only needs to believe that it’s likely that the plaintiff is telling the truth to grant the restraining order against you. No evidence or witnesses are needed – it’s simply a case of your word against hers.

Restraining Order 911 gives you solid advice on what you can do if you’re falsely accused, and thus received a restraining order. What you get is advice on how to defend yourself in court and being prepared for their examination of you. Since the Ebook is digital, you’ll be able to download it immediately after purchase.

These are just seven out of thousands of motives that women have to get a restraining order against innocent fathers. Now I wrote this review article for one reason and only one reason only. I want to prepare to you for the inevitable. I didn’t think it would happen to me; yet it did and because I was unprepared, I went through three years of restraining order hell.

Legal counsel can be expensive and not everyone is willing to explain things to you. If you can’t afford or can’t find a good attorney, then Restraining Order 911 Ebook will help you wade through your legal battleground.

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