Russian women in the work place

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There is a common myth going about that Russian women are not career oriented and more inclined to bring up a family, devoting all their time to family and husband.  Actually this is a common misconception; Russian women are like any other women from all over the world each having her own priorities in life. It makes no difference to Russian women living in Russia or in foreign countries.

It is a fact that Russia has come a long way in the last two decades and now has a thriving economy, many women in the larger Russian cities such as Moscow or St Petersburg hold down good jobs, often with salaries they would not be able to match abroad. Many Russian women are very highly educated often having two educations and being fluent in several languages, many of these women look forward to leading a professional life rather than a family life.

If you are a western man searching for a Russian women thinking that every Russian woman is a natural home maker you may be in for a shock, I would suggest to any Russian brides searchers to do some research on the net. Of course it is a well-known fact that Russian women are very family orientated and make good wives, but it does not mean they want to be stuck at home all day bringing up children and doing housework.

The other myth associated with Russian women is that they are very reserved and shy in nature and may not be interested to work.  It is often assumed that the man will be the only breadwinner in a Russian household but this has changed a lot over the last decade, actually Russian women are very hardworking, intelligent and can excel in any field. They can become a support to their family in times of crisis and work hard to ensure there is no financial instability at home.

Another common myth about Russian women is the language barrier, many western men presume Russian women can only speak in their native tongue and it will be difficult for them to integrate with a community in a foreign country. However it is a fact that many Russian women speak fluent English, it is often taught as a second language at school. Even if your Russian bride speaks no English it is a very easy language to learn most towns have English language schools.

 Russian ladies are determined to lead a happy and fulfilling life wherever they decide to settle. The language barrier certainly will not be an obstacle in their life.


Best of  luck in your Russian dating searches.

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