Sad friendship quotes

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It is very well known that friendship is one of the universal issues in the world we are living. Friendship is a product of human interaction. However when the friendship is over the human interaction is over as well and we are left sad and lonely.

Therefore there is no surprise why most of the Friendship Quotes are surrounding the theme of Sad Quotes. When you are in a good relationship you might not take the time to consider summing up your situation with words, poems and quotes. Basically happy people in healthy relationships are so overwhelmed by their own situation that they are just celebrating the happy moments. But when those moments are over and a shady cloud is hovering over your head most likely you will find your self interested in sad friendship quotes.

The propose of sad friendship quotes is not to make you depressed, in fact they might change your mood. This is a way to take a break, look back to your friendship and decide what was good and what was wrong, and the best of all it will give you hope and good insight for your future relationships.  Here is a good example of sad quote by Carl Jung: There are a lot of nights as the number of the days, and the one is just as long as the other in the year’s calendar. Even a very happy friendship can not be without a bit of darkness and the word happy would not symbolize its whole meaning if it were not added by few sad tears.

The lesson of Carl Jung`s quotes is all about remembering the good friendship times and also the bad ones. But the most important thing is to keep on going and think about the future with the help of few sad friendship quotes.

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