Salary of divorce lawyers vs salary of other lawyers

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Talking about the salary of divorce lawyers and other lawyers, both these lawyers earn money based on the geographical area, skills they have, workload and billable hours. There are a few lawyers who set a fix pay from their clients. Divorce lawyers are known as family lawyers who are able to manage other family-related legal problems as well like child custody arguments and adoptions. It has been observed that divorce lawyers usually get a less pay scale as compared to other lawyers.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are a few divorce lawyers who do not get a fixed salary like the lawyers who work for the government. Rather, they get the pay scale on the basis of how much time they spend on the particular case. The range for such hourly rates is from $75 to $400 for an hour. Divorce lawyers can even claim flat fees for a particular action like $200 for filing a divorce appeal.


The earnings that a divorce attorney gets annually differ dramatically according to the work load of the lawyer. Divorce cases with less workload add up to getting more money at the end of the year. Similarly, just some severe cases, which keep lawyers busy for months also get more income.


Lawyers get money according to their status in the field of law, their experience and fee charges. These three things decide the salary of any lawyer. For example, lawyers living in a metropolitan area will charge more. They will obviously charge more. Normally, big law firms even charge clients more and hence allow their lawyers to earn more. A divorce lawyer who has an extensive experience in the law field and who got immense success in his field can change clients more. 


Earnings of divorce lawyers greatly depend on what kinds of divorce cases they are going to handle and what is their fee structure for every service. They charge for research time and also for phone calls discussing the case. Generally lawyers can charge nearly $500 for a non-contested divorce. In such a case, the time of the lawyer is least. He is appointed only for reviewing paperwork and ensuring the interests of his client are protected. Hard to handle divorce cases with child custody problems cost almost $20,000 in legal fees. Divorce costs can be reduced when the divorcing couples decide to work out for some problems on their own and just looks for legal advice for solving other problems like child custody. 

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