Save my marriage today-can a book help save your marriage?

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All around the world there are couples who are in a failing marriage due to one reason or another. Some of them struggle on against the odds without any outside professional help until the inevitable happens. The marriage is over.

Why do some people avoid marriage counseling?

A partner in a troubled marriage may be nervous about seeking professional help possibly because they find it embarrassing to talk about their personal problems to a stranger, no matter how experienced and sympathetic that stranger might be. It is not easy for some people to discuss their innermost fears and failings even to a professional marriage counselor.

Also, one partner may feel that their marriage is in trouble but their spouse does not seem to notice the danger signs and acts as if everything is fine. This can make it very difficult to bring up the subject without causing more conflict between the couple.

Is there an alternative to marriage counseling?

Because of this fear, thousands of people with marriage problems have turned to self-help marriage guidance book or courses, many of which have been written by experienced marriage counselors and relationship experts. Their years of experience with counseling couples with marriage problems have been distilled into books packed with expert advice and techniques.

You can find lots of these marriage-saving guides on the Internet as a low-cost downloadable e-book, on audio tape or even as a multimedia product on DVD. Some even offer extra free bonus books and further support if requested. The techniques outlined in these books can be used by one willing partner on his/her own to change and improve their marriage.

Save My Marriage Today book Review

Do self-help marriage guidance books really work?

The answer is very often YES; if you are willing to follow the techniques outlined in them and are determined to save your marriage. Many testimonials have been given by satisfied customers about the effectiveness of some of these marriage-saving guides and how their marriage has been saved by following the advice given in them. A word of caution though: If you think just by reading one of these books that your marriage will be miraculously saved without any effort on your part then the answer must be a resounding NO.

These books are, after all, marriage guidance books which show you how to fix a broken marriage; much like a DIY book shows you how to fix a broken fence. They will give you step-by-step guidance but you must do the actual repairs yourself. Along with the information in the book, the only tools you will need to mend a broken marriage is your own heart and willingness which you should possess already. If you don’t have these essential tools then no book on earth can save your marriage.

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