Save your marriage – a how to guide

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Sometimes when you are in a relationship, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with it all. It can be hard figuring out what is lacking in your marriage, when and why the connection between you and your partner started to go downhill and what you can do to improve the situation.

It also seems common to be unsure of what sources you can trust and the best way to apply the given information. Thanks to the internet, we have the ability to access anything and everything in an instant. And this is fantastic. However, it does mean that information overload is something that can get in the way of potential progress, instead of aiding it.

For this reason, I have decided to use this article to discuss the absolute essential element necessary for a loving and healthy marriage.

Communication is the key: I’m sure that you have heard this a thousand times before, but that’s because it really can be the be all and end all where marriages are concerned. It may seem excessive, but thinking through what you are going to say to your partner and how you say it can minimize any misinterpretation and thus, arguments. If you are having a heated discussion, make sure what you say is productive and not antagonistic. As well as this, don’t wait to talk; listen.

Be there for each other: Sometimes in life, the many responsibilities and issues having to be dealt with can take its toll. You may be in a position where you don’t feel this way often (which is great) but it really matters that when you or your partner does, you support each other. Be the shoulder to cry on if that is what’s necessary, let your spouse rant about how miserable their day was if this will help them unwind. Conversely share positive and profound experiences with each other too. It is behaviour like this that will make you a more intuitive and intelligent couple.

Be healthy individuals: A marriage isn’t just about being a couple, or two halves. It’s important to allow each other to be individual. Create time throughout the week to develop that. This doesn’t need to involve you going to a Tibetan monastery, devoting yourself to meditation and exploring the meaning of life! It can be as simple as hanging out with some friends after working or doing your hobby a few times a week. Giving each other breathing space is a great way to reflect on all things big and small, and relieve some stress.

Live the dream: I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us have dreams and ambitions in life that we want to achieve. Don’t let marriage make you think that you have disregard these now. Support and share with each other your visions, what you want to achieve in life and commit yourself to making them happen.

Be romantic, be intimate: these are cornerstones to having a loving and passionate marriage. Remember what you were like with your partner when you were first dating and on your honeymoon. Romance and intimacy was effortless and completely natural. You couldn’t help but be that way with one another. Learn to tap into that again. Tell your partner how gorgeous you think they are. Make sure they feel loved and wanted. Be a romantic

When it comes to your marriage, don’t make things any more complicated than they need to be. Do yourself a favour; stick with what is important in life. Love each other unconditionally and be that best husband and wife that you can possibly be.

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