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All relationships flow up and down. It is strange, but a fact. You have the good times, the beautiful times, the bad times and the ugly times. But it really depends on your maturity and compassion and a mutual sense of understanding and respect as to whether the relationship survives the turbulent waters or capsizes.

Relationships survive on friendship

Friendship holds the key to almost any strong relationship, especially a romantic or marriage relationship. If you start as friends, your bond tends to grow deeper, more encompassing, friendly and frank. As buddies you can share anything with each other – being confident in the belief that you will not be misunderstood, judged or decried.
When friendship is the foundation to your marriage relationship, you know your spouse as your best buddy. You can share with him/her your deepest feelings, unload your misgivings knowing that you have a friendly, patient listening ear and experience the most beautiful moments of togetherness.

Troubles at the workplace, financial difficulties, health issues – life can be full of problems at times. But if you have your partner or spouse as your best friend, you will find that no trouble looks insurmountable as the two of you face the challenges together.

Relationships survive on trust

No relationship, however deep or passionate the love may be, can survive without trust. The biggest cementing element of any relationship is mutual trust. If you do not wholeheartedly trust your partner or spouse, the slightest element of doubt creeping in between the two of you can spell disaster.

When you look at a happily married couple and say “picture perfect” – you can know for sure that mutual trust, respect and friendship is at the core of their delighted and satisfied look. Learn to trust your partner with all your heart.  Being in love does not mean being possessive and demanding of every move of your partner.  If you let your mind drift towards suspecting his or her every step needlessly, you will be the reason for the doom of what could have been a long lasting relationship.

The fire doesn’t last, the warmth does

A love relationship starts with the fuel of desire. But does it always last? For some it does, for most, it subsides. Does that mean marriage means the end of passionate love? No. It means the beginning of a warm, glowing relationship that has the fire staying alive in the form of love that is more encompassing, more understanding and deeper than ever before.

Weed out dissatisfaction

Keep the weeds of dissatisfaction out of your relationship. It is hard to find a couple who is not dissatisfied with each other in some respect or the other. But do not let that dissatisfaction become the cause of a constant tension or strain in your relationship. Very rarely would you come across a relationship that is completely satisfying all the time. It doesn’t happen.

The trouble starts when you begin to aim for such a perfect relationship and make the mistake of walking out of a bonding that had all the elements of becoming a very fulfilling one had you tried a little harder and with more patience. You will only find yourself regretting later  what could have been and what did not happen, only because you didn’t turn the mirror towards yourself.

Also, it is not prudent to sulk and simmer in melancholy, resigning yourself to the belief that a dissatisfied relationship is your destiny. It isn’t. The power to change your relationship towards the most fulfilling, satisfying and loving relationship you could have imagined is right there within YOU.

Love tips to tap your own inherent power

Any love advice you seek would only ask you to look within your own self for the answers.

There are some that will never fail to bring results:

1.Stop yourself from judging your partner  – he/she may be in a very difficult situation about  which you have no idea.

2.Learn to be best of friends – buddies never fail each other.

3.Respect your partner and earn the respect back – no relationship can survive without mutual respect.

4.Trust your partner – even a tiny shred of suspicion can snowball into calamity.

5.Do not let grievances s

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