Serving do-it-yourself divorce papers

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When a marriage begins to breakdown, a couple can feel more like roommates as opposed to husband and wife. What should a spouse do when they find themselves in this position? Do they try to make it work, or instead decide to file for a divorce? That’s a question only the spouse can answer. To some, divorce is not even an option for any number of reasons. They could be afraid of what life after separation might be like, or perhaps aren’t suited financially to live on their own. If finances are the obstacle to getting a divorce, then one way you can save money is by getting an uncontested divorce.

Uncontested divorce is far less time consuming and costly. This is referred to as a do-it-yourself divorce because you and your spouse are going to settle all the issues without going to court. A lawyer does not have to be hired on your end, and this means that you can save a lot of money by taking care of the paperwork on your own. You can get them generally at the court house or online for a small fee.

When these papers are served to your spouse, he or she has the choice to accept or contest what’s outlined in them. If they are agreed to, then you can proceed as an uncontested divorce. If contested, then you will most likely have to hire a lawyer and settle matters in court.

You’ve Been Served

Once you have gathered the necessary do-it-yourself papers, then they will be served to your spouse. Should you decide to hire a lawyer to guide you during this process, then a server is frequently used. The job of a server is to make sure the respondent gets the papers. However, since this is a do-it-yourself divorce, there will be no server there to do this. Instead, you will be the one to give the papers to your spouse.

So how exactly do you go about doing this? One approach is to meet with your spouse at a location outside your home and deliver them there. This will not be easy, no matter how badly you want to get divorced.

If your relationship has involved abuse or you fear for your safety, then it might not be best to get an uncontested divorce. Instead, hiring a lawyer will be more beneficial as he or she can help you figure out what to do next. While this will cost you more money, your safety is more important in this situation.

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