Sex toys. do-it-yourself

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All necessary things for making sex toys you’ll find at your home.


Bubbled wrapping (which is used for packing different appliances up) could be used for making pleasure to your girl. Cut the square piece of this material and take it into your palm, sticking the edges to the palm using scotch tape. Then use lubricant abundantly. Stroke your girl with this ready made sex toy – sex palm. Draw more sexual attention to breasts, waist, internal part of hip and lap. Any of your touch will bring her unforgettable delight and pleasure. Next time she will ask you to wrap yourself in this bubbled tape!

Naughty brush

As we see in TV commercial, tooth brush can reach any nook. But only electrical brush getting to this nook can make an extraordinary thing – a multi orgasm. Use a lubricant for the tip of the brush (the side without bristle), and use it as mini vibrator stimulating the clitoris. Make sure that bristle part of the brush doesn’t touch the clitoris. Otherwise she will moan not because of pleasure but because of pain.

Tender fur

From now on you don’t need to take away your rabbit mittens in spring. They are suitable in summer too! Turn them inside out and put them on and you’ll have one more device for lovely massage! Unlike bubbled massage you must glide with your hand along her body. You need to do it gently by barely touching the skin with the hands. So, now you understand why she likes fur coats?


Don’t try to close this window, this is not a spam! This paragraph is going to tell you how to enlarge your penis without pills. Before putting on the condom put into the tip of it some hygienic napkins. Thus you’ll have some additional centimeters. Don’t try to increase the length by 4-5 centimeters. The construction will not be firm and will break before you’ll ask her: “Do you like this”?

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