She doesn't want flowers! what should i do?

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You are in panic, the woman that you are about to meet has just pronounced her “no flowers” policy. You wonder what you should do with your empty hands as you meet for the first time. It will be all too obvious to wipe them off on your pants. No, no, no! You must come up with something else and now you are starting to think smartly. The truth is that a woman who does not want flowers will be very impressed if you bring her something else so get ready to get inspired!


Why not do something really sweet and get a bag of mixed candy for your date? Go to a nice candy shop or order a cool mix online and make sure to have it wrapped just as fancy as any bouquet. You should not get too attached to the goodies since she might not be the type to open it up on the date. It could be embarrassing to her so don’t see this as a sign of a cheap personality!

A Little Video Game

Do you remember those small video pocket games that everyone had before the cell phones became complete computers? You can still find them and they are as fun as ever. If she is the playful type this could be a really cool replacement of flowers. It will also give you something to do during those first weird moments of the date.

Other Gadgets

The world is full of gadgets and many of them are not near as pricey as a bouquet of flowers. Therefore you can make some research online on what to give a woman who does not want flowers and find something very special and fun. It will make your date a memory for life no matter what will become of the two of you.

Pretty Woman

Pretty woman likes pretty things so don’t rule something glittery out. You could be creative and get her a magnetic bracelet. This will be something to talk about and if she thinks it is all mumbo jumbo she can just try it herself! There are also other types of jewelry that makes a good gift for a first date. Pearls and special silver designs are awesome to bring as gift. Why not get a key ring in silver shaped as a flower. That would make you tress pass her little rule in style!

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