She my dear mother

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She is still fresh in me

Like the sitting Queen bee.

Worn out ,wrinkled she may be ,

Grace full ,truthfull still she

Shinning face with large eyes.

Simple habits,truth no lies.

With pure mind and open heart,

She made it to age of seven and eight

Who is she ,so dear to me,

None can know who was she.

A grand women of her age,

She has died in a grace full way,  

It was April 21,2004,

She was not with us any more

In the above few worfs I have tried to remember a soul so dear to me .She was SARAH WANI MY mother.She was born in a tinny village of Koel mukam ,Bandipure,kashmir.SHE married my father when she was just 14 It was an arranged marriage and a happy one till the subcontenet broke into two.My father lost his fortune in the other part of kashmir ,Gilgit.It was the courage and hard work of this young women who brought up me and and my brother by working on her fields and rearing animals and cultivaing vegetables,rice and maize.She proved to be a brave lady to help her husband in the hour of need.She sold her ornaments and propertiey to educate us and tried to keep the confidence of her husband alive by sacrificing her needs and wishes to help him to rebuild his lost fortunes through creating a garden and agricultural  farm lands.She worked harder than my fsther to establsh an agricultural farm from a denuded and deforested area purchased by my father.My FATHER lost all his fortunes except land through deciet of his relatives and it was the  mother who rebuilt the entire lost  fortunes by working hard.SHE WAS A GREAT SOUL AND A WOMEN OF DEDICATION TO HER FAMILY.She nursed my grand mother like a daughter so much so that she died while praying for her and all of us.She helped my father untill she breathed his last and never came to stay with us  in comfortable house at Srinagar untill my fathers death in the village.She left the village only after her husbands death and accompained him during the tring days of turbulence in the village.She was so poius and noble that she never narrated her woes to any one and lived with them and faced them boldly.She came to stay with us for her last 10 years .She was nice and noble.Gracefull and self sustaining.She has her saving to care for her.Even the costs of her funureal and charity thereof was her saved money.She died in my lap chantinh there is no God but only one God .She kept her saving for the education of an orphange established in our village.On her 6th annuversary we pray for peace of her soul.She is with me in us and always reminding us to be good even to our enemies.We remember and miss the treasures of her company and grace.May god bestow peace to her


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