Sing if you’re glad to be gay or secret homosexual messages in music

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Turning on a popular music channel I came across – cast my eyes over a romantic man cooing in a mellow baritone and slightly using make-up and dressed in a tight and sheer little shirt. Movements were lithe, time by time with gentle movement he put his hand on his cheek and bent a little his head sidewards. Try to repeat this movement and think of associations it causes?

It turned out that it was a live pop music icon Morrissey. The popular edition „The Independent” once asserted – „most pop stars have to be dead before they reach the iconic status that he has reached in his lifetime”. Indeed, Morrissey was and  is still very popular. However, the way of his behaviour strongly connected with stereotypes about homosexuals embarrasses us. Morrissey himself, according to the press news, lives in a celibacy. In general it is not important – what do we have to do with his private life, the main thing is he sings excellently.

However, embarrassing is something else – if we look back to pop music of the 80ties the tendencies of homosexuality are everywhere. It is also interesting from today’s points of view because the 80ties can be definitely called the zenith of pop music, musicians from that time are still popular, nowadays many popular songs from the past are reproduced. Besides some songs experience rather zestful somersaults – from 100% homosexual show turn into the dream for homosexual armies. The example will follow farther.

It can not be affirmed that the 80ties in pop music were only „time of faggot parties”, there were also quite many musicians of traditional orientation who did not puzzle the society with doubts. Anyway, on the tops of various TOPS some well-known musicians of that time and nowadays were „ramping around” and no additional information is needed about them – Jimmy Sommerville, Erasure, Boy George and also some who „came out of their cabinets” or revealed their orientation later – Freddie Mercury, George Michael, Pet Shop Boys and a lot more. Nowadays that time’s famous Frankie Goes To Hollywood does not mean anything to most people but the sounds of the first chords will remind that time’s scandalous „Relax”. The same can be said about „Dead or Alive”- their song „You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” performed differently can be heard also nowadays. It is a good example of typical pop song of the 80ties. From the present point of view it seems too „fag”. It is a paradox that it only seems but not sounds. At least those people who heard it at discos of the 80ties couldn’t realize its visual message.
Judge yourselves! Especially because it will surprisingly make the confident heterosexuals become puzzled.

All these tendencies of western pop music of the 80ties can make today’s homophobs come out with conspiratorial theories about „blue mafia” in music. But they have to be saddened and should be asked to look into the pages of history. It was the time in western world when homosexuals continued their fight that started in the 60ties for their human rights and pop music was a place where it was possible to express oneselves more freely and openly. The main audience of pop music was young people who usually like different taboo offenders, rioters and codgers. The tendencies coincided – the young generation liked the mavericks and rioters but homosexuals needed a possibility for more extensive dialogue with the society. Then the western society was still rather narrow-minded. For this reason many well-known musicians sang and talked „in a roundabout way”, trying to avoid revealing their orientation publicly. A path was broken by the bravest. Of course, many will say that we have „them” too much in the world of music and art. But it seems to be an exaggeration – pop musicians are more in the centre of attention of mass media and it immediately starts playing with this theme with or without any reason. Pretty often the same musicians pour some more oil on the flames either trying to get some extra publicity or too much protecting their private life that might cause rumours. People sometimes forget that music should be listened to but not gossip about musicians’ private lives.

These days the legendary Tom Robinson band – gays’ hymn of the 70ties – „Glad To Be Gay” is almost forgotten. If we listen to the words of this song it is hard to believe that it has once been topical. In truth it is still current theme in Russia and some Eastern European countries.

However, it is significant that today in western world in pop music nobody tries to show off his or her orientation too hyperbolic. The society there has fairly accepted it, for young people it does not seem a taboo or forbidden fruit that is exciting only because it is forbidden

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