Singles dating washington dc- speed dating, anyone?

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I have just moved to the area after my divorce, and I am re-entering the Singles Dating Washington DC scene.  It has been twenty years since I have dated anyone, so I feel like I am new to all of this.

When I was younger, we went on dates at the skating rink or the bowling alley, or to a drive in move under the stars.  We drove cars that are now considered to be “antiques”.  My kids tell me that the way to date now is to log on to one of these singles dating websites and “flirt” with someone by “winking” at them to send you a message.  I asked my daughter why I couldn’t just meet someone at a breakfast diner, and she informed me that there are no such things as breakfast diner– that is what Starbucks is now.

My kids are always trying to hook me up with their friends’ parents.  That doesn’t always go over as planned.  The first Singles Dating Washington DC blind date they ever sent me on had me running away before even introducing myself to the man.  He must have been in his late sixties, and I am pretty sure he was wearing his high school prom tuxedo.

A lot of the set ups and dates that I have met myself have just not been meant for me.  However, I did learn about singles dating speed dating from one of the guys.  He told me that the date with me that stemmed from a Starbucks encounter (go figure) was the first non-speeddate that he had been on the whole year.  I had never heard of speed dating before, so he told me about how the Baby Boomers get together at Tommy Joe’s in Bethesda or the Zen Bistro in Arlington or some other downtown Washington, D.C. joint to meet each other. 

According to the guy, there are sometimes fifty speed daters of each gender who meet each other for a few minutes at a time in a two hour period.  He told me the dating system is a lot easier to navigate then the Singles Dating Washington DC sites that the young people use.  I bought my first tickets for this weekend, so I can not wait to try it out!

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