So you got herpes, now what?

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So you got herpes? Now what?

Well, you can let herpes beat you and sink into despair or you can accept it, and learn how to stop having outbreaks, and get on with your life.

I have had herpes for many years, and I help people with herpes have better lives. I have received thousands of emails over the past 11 years regarding herpes. Some people get really depressed, suicidal even, and others search for a way to have a normal life. Well, when I say “normal”, I mean “more normal”, because there is no turning back the clock. Once you have herpes, you have it for the rest of your life. But you CAN have a happy life, free of outbreaks, and you can have a relationship too with regular sex.

It involves a change of lifestyle… … not a big change, but a change. You have to get healthier, and strengthen your immune system. Strengthening your immune system is the key to preventing outbreaks. The virus is in you always, but when your immune system is strong, it is able to fight the virus and keep it in remission so that it does not surface and cause an outbreak. It is quite simple when you know how. 

Did you know that half the people with herpes don’t have outbreaks? It is true. Some lucky people have naturally strong immune systems which keep the virus in remission all the time. Others need a herbal supplement which helps strengthen their immune systems so that their immune systems are as strong as the lucky half of the people. (You can find out about the herbal product through the link below.)

When you are free of outbreaks you can start to do normal things again, such as dating and having a relationship. Your self confidence will return, and you will feel much happier. You will be able to have frequent sex without worrying about outbreaks. This is all available to you when your immune system is really strong, and you are outbreak free. Thousands of people have discovered this herbal formula and have much better lives because of it. You can too. If you would like to be outbreak free, visit my website:
It is completely confidential, and there are no pop ups and no information is collected. It is up to you to decide if you want herpes to beat you, or if you want to beat herpes. It IS possible to have a good sex life with herpes. There is no need to just wish for it.

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