Some techniques to spice up sex and have a better sex life

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Sex, or love making, is an important part of any loving relationship. It is your responsibility to learn how to actually turn your partner on or what things you can to do spice up sex between you and your lover. The techniques discussed below will help you have a better sex life and really become an expert in bed:

Technique Number One: Not many people are aware that exercising can actually help increase one’s appetite, specifically the sexual appetite. When a person exercises, blood flow is enhanced, and this means that in men, their penises are able to ‘rise faster’, and in women, their cravings for sex are increased. If you want to become more active in the bedroom, you and your spouse should not forget to exercise regularly. You need not do it in the gym – at home routines like jogging, stretching, deep breathing, and other aerobic exercises will be enough.

Technique Number Two: To turn your partner on and spice up sex, you should also be open to trying new sex positions. Of course, this tip is really an obvious one, but, not all couples actually follow it. Some may be too tired, or some may just be going through the motions. If you really desire to have a better sex life or be an expert in bed, do your research and get ideas regarding which positions you haven’t tried yet. Remember too that you and your lover may have different likes when it comes to love making e.g. you may enjoy the doggie position more, while he may go gaga over the woman on top style. Compromise. Make sure the positions you do vary. Examples of interesting sex styles are: the helicopter position, the rising position, the deep penetration style, etc.

Technique Number Three: Role playing is also another technique that can surely turn your partner on. By pretending to be someone else, having a ‘skit’, of course completing that with costumes e.g. a french maid costume, a stripper costume, etc, you really can expect to spice up sex. It may be awkward at first, but, with practice and with open communication e.g. you and your husband or wife sharing sexual fantasies and making them come true, will make it possible for you both to have a better sex life.

Technique Number Four: Any expert in bed will also remind you to rely on mood setting for enhanced love making. There are several tools you can use to make this happen. Dimming the lights, or only using candles for light (better if they’re scented ones), turning on the music (soothing or soft music please), wearing lingerie (if you’re a woman), among others, are strategies of mood setting that help turn your partner on.

Other techniques you should put into practice in order to spice up sex include: having foreplays more often than not, smelling good prior to the act, and so on – these will aid you in your mission to have a better sex life.

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