Staying the same

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In life we change, it is part of our anatomy and mindset that we will continue to evolve as individuals throughout our lives. And when it comes to relationships when two of you are changing it leads to potentially hostile situations and reasons to believe that you may drift apart. Two things that drew you together in the first place may now have gone and you may never quite get on the same.

The problem with these evolving factors is that you can be affected by different factors from anywhere in your life. At work you will be influenced, new friends will influence you and reactions you get from people will certainly change your mind set. If you get positive attention at work it can change the way you dress in order to get those positive reassurances again.

And the primitive species that we are ensures that we become wary of any changes and why they might occur. For example if you see your girlfriend dressing differently we wonder what the catalyst was for this, which can lead to jealousy quite rapidly. If we find that our life is changing for the better then we generally don’t question it, but find out we are going to be worse off and all of a sudden we end up being, wound up suspicious beings.

So there has to be a measure of compromise in a relationship to negate these factors. All right you shouldn’t compromise all of your rights, or bow down to any sort of pressure, but there is definitely a need for compromise on both parts in order to get the best out of your relationship if you want to that is.

If you know what you want in your relationship then you have to go and get it, there will be no free hand outs and you won’t get what you want by just waiting for it. You both have to realise then that both of you being independent is a good thing for the relationship and not a sign that it is on the decline.

Suffocating relationships make life hard, they make you feel as if there is no escape and as we are instinctive creatures there is only one thing we will do when we are trapped. Break free, and this of course leads to break ups and broken hearts, so compromise do things right and you’ll end up happy together.

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