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As couples spend more time together, the thoughts of their relationship might thin due to career or children, that they tend to forget the basic reasons why they’re together.

I, like most other spouses, have been reading alot on relationships and having my 10th anniversary around the corner, I intend to spend more time into discovering my partner.

I’ve read hundreds of resources but most books or ebooks that boast of “successful relationships” tend to lean towards what couples are doing wrong instead of what couples are doing right.

I was about to give up reading on relationships thinking that since I’ve read one, I’ve read them all…until one particular ebook caught my eye while I was surfing.

This particular ebook I’m talking about gives you ample tips on what the top 1% of marriages do differently. It’s written by an author regarded in the media as one of the nation’s top experts on relationship matters. And the author was even featured in Oprah for an episode talking about ways to rekindle relationships.

After downloading, I quickly went through the two volumes that contains a total of 148 pages in PDF, to see if it’s like the other books that I’ve read and much to my surprise, the advice given by the author is golden!

It shows you how to reconnect with your lover no matter how stubborn or distant they are, and no matter how hopeless or difficult you might think your situation is.

In short it’ll bring back the spark in your relationship.

Here are some of the advice this ebook has to offer:

  • Understanding the 3 simple strategies you can implement right away to prevent financial problems from ever dragging your relationship down.

  • A 3 step formula to bring up your partner’s flaw in the most polite way with full example included

  • 8 ways to argue without hurting your partner

  • The one forgotten thing that almost every marriage needs, and no, it has got nothing to do with sex, conflicts, love, values, compatibility or anything of that nature.

  • Rediscover the one thing that keeps your relationship fresh and sparks a whole new life into it.

That’s only 5 out of a whole list in an ebook on successful relationships that I’d recommend all couples to read.

No matter how great a relationship can be, I’m very sure that this ebook on successful relationships will shed new light on this subject.

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