Tantra vs. health

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If you have never experienced a massage of any kind then you are really missing out as they are relaxing and calming. Additionally, massage has very great health properties to relieve many symptoms and problems.

The tantric massage besides being fulfilling and enlightening, also has physical health properties too. The massage techniques employed will increase blood flow wherever the massage takes place. Massage such as this is good to reduce blood pressure if that is a condition you suffer from.

Tantric massage also leaves such a peaceful feeling of well being in body, mind and spirit that it aids a good night’s sleep. This can be a great comfort to many who suffer from insomnia or other sleep deprivation conditions. This will give a natural sleep without the aid of sleeping pills or other chemical inducements. Usually, the sleep pattern can be changed and re-established into one that is conducive to a restful sleep although it may take a few tantric massage sessions to achieve this.

Practitioners of tantric arts are reported to live to an older age and be healthier. Sexual interaction causes a natural hormone release that makes us feel happy. This happy feeling attaches itself to everything and colours our life’s situations. Thus after a sexual release through tantric massage, something that seems completely hopeless or out of reach can seem much more attainable or easier to cope with. Many times, situations are made better or worse through the state of mind and this is one of those theories that can easily be put to the test. The situation will remain the same but how it is perceived will differ.

People who have tantric massage on a regular basis are often much healthier in mind and balanced emotionally. There are not many that report anxiety attacks or have high stress levels. This is because the massage helps to teach healthier ways of dealing with things. It is also about self-realization and growth. Tantric massage gives you time to relax back and be more aware. You are in a situation where you can watch your state of mind and responses as well as experiencing the physical pleasure of the massage. By discovering your body and recognizing what makes you tick, you can monitor and control your responses in everyday life and activities. This can be very beneficial and help you to make decisions that are considered and measured rather than reactive and ill considered.

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