The best ways of getting romance back in your marriage

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Unfortunately for many of us couples, it wouldn’t be too farfetched to say that we often devote more time to separate activates (some of which are unavoidable) than we do to ourselves. When you take a moment to think about it, that little fact seems pretty crazy, considering that we’re married to one another. The idea is that we are supposed to be other halves, right?

Well in reality, it’s easy for this to happen between husband and wife. Especially when you consider the job, which chances are you each spend eight or more hours a day at. As much as we’d hate to admit it, our relationship takes second place to these responsibilities.

This being the case, it really is important to have the moments you do spend together, to be cherished and quality time for the two of you.

If you haven’t already, I recommend above all else that you find some time each week which you can spend together. It should be a time where it’s only you and your partner that way you can completely relax and communicate freely around one another.  The idea of this ‘date night’ is not to be selective with it, and go every now and then.

The purpose is to learn to carve quality and undisturbed time into your life each week. After you’ve been doing this for a little while, you’ll see that finding the time isn’t as hard to do as you thought it would be.

I also recommend that what you do on this date is somewhat different to what you usually find yourself doing during the rest of the week. However, the focus should be on each other so it doesn’t need to be too extravagant.

It’s really simple to start implementing. When you next have a spare moment (Sunday is a great time for this) look at each of your following weeks and cross out an evening that you’re going to spend together.  Both make a note of it so that there’s no way you’re going to forget.

Each week, alternate between who chooses what you’re going to do. This time, your partner might want to make popcorn and have a movie night. The next, you might have found a local cookery class which you’re interested in.

If you do have children, try and arrange that you’re parents look after them during this time. Alternatively, find a good child minder. Yes, this is a small investment, but one which is well worth it in the long run.

Now date nights can be fantastic fun and a really effective way of fitting in quality time together. That being the case, why not take the basic concept a step further?  Each month, you can plan a date day that you’re going to have together. Once every few months, treat yourselves to a weekend away. You can also sneak in a short, romantic holiday each year.

Trust me when I say, it will not take many of these till you start asking each other ‘how did we live without our dates?’That’s because it’s simply wonderful to enjoy your husband/wife and celebrate the relationship that you have with them.

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