The departing soul

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The departing soul

by Ghulam Mohyuddin Wani  email


The depating soul memoris

How can you depart,,being my soul nay body part.

Those little tears your face wears,

In an exotic land,away and beyound my hand,

Still those little memories,of sweets and phone twigs,

Are fresh in me admist,the  hot weather   garden  mist,

That tall and strong, smiling and daring.

Timid and cunning,all made in one frame,

Some say deciet,few say selfish,I would never believe,

Those curses of some and tearing of her slieve,

Those who know can say,sweet is dangerous at bay,

of age and those born so say,september our month of gay,

We say it is just fun,a life made hell by gun,

We are cripled,you are free, in the meadows across the sea,

Yes me the same bee,from  dawn  to dusk,seeking musk,

Who cares for for us all ,like a fire wall,

Yesterday ,I met a man of God,he was silent ,quite and tall,

Singning few like a mute mew,I thought it was sign to grew,

yes those days of sprirt wash,on the bay of love and red flash,

Strong arms tied across,arround a neck ,but a loss,

He was angle amide vimps,fearing God amide swimps,

Love is blind some so say,may  be a pretended catch on bay,

Like a crocodile weeping tears,she may grab you among fears,

Wordly miss and heaven abode,make sinfull deeds go away,

She was tall like a shinning whale,slippery,active,stinging gale,

she meant bussiness in the ball,full  of cunning in the hall,

A ride in a car of a mufti,she felt sceared and derfty,

She said she was poius at heart,compromizing with the society sort,

Some say she was a night mare,like those artificial balled hair,

He was simple , cute and angry,she was calm,quite and cunning,

Both could go a path alone,full of grief and painful tone,

She is hibernating in a deep cave,full of life and the wave,

He is passing days alone ,in a sandy doon in  moon,

Spring brings a gush of whale,back is beast to make it hale,

Can mates join in summer vale,just to return back to gale.




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