The dos and don'ts of a first date conversation

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You should keep the very first date conversation easy and casual. You also need to avoid the heavy topics and you need to avoid revealing too much about yourself. It needs to be fun and it has to be about finding pleasure in each other’s company. There is a time where you have to come clean and when you have to lie you’re playing cards on the table, but you cannot do it on the first date.

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When it comes to learning how to get a boyfriend, one of the best tips I can give you is to be secretive. Be careful about needing to unload your full life story on a man right away. As said, there will be a period a d place for that. You can profit from being a little mysterious. Plus, it will give a guy the chance to shape their own idea of who you are. Peeling the layers back slowly is going to be more interesting. This could also help make for a longer lasting bond.

Keep the discussion light and discuss any common interests that you might have. You might want to start talking about the highlights of your day. You could also start focusing on some random things, like the hilarious things that happen to you on your way to work.

You can also do some back and forth. You will also need to share something; the flow of the dialogue should not be left up to the guy alone. You can set off asking questions too. It cannot be a one sided discussion. When he asks you something, try not to limit your response to a yes or a no. For example, if a guy asks you if you have lived in the town your entire life and you have not, you can tell him so and tell him where you are from originally. You can also provide an answer as to how come you moved there. You also can ask him the exact same question if you wanted to.

You might also want to consider holding back on telling him just how much you love him. When you are exploring how to talk to men, a little aloofness can go a long way. Even if you find that you are falling for him on the very first date, do not tell him so. Just keep it casual and do not put a great deal of pressure on it.

At the end of your date, tell him that you had a fantastic time and you would like to be able to do it again. Don’t force him into a second date though, just keep it open-ended. Of course, you can also initiate another meeting with a guy; you don’t have to be pushy. For ideas, you can scan the book Calling Men by Mimi Tanner.


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