The essential strategies to save your marriage

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It can be very difficult to know what to do in marriage where both husband and wife are steadily growing apart. When you are leading a busy life, it’s understandable that you may forget to check in on your relationship to see how it’s doing. This is however essential and should be happening even if everything is going well between you and your partner.

It is easy to be under the impression that your relationship will continue to be the way it was during the initial stages; highly passionate, romantic, intimate and blissful. During this time, the outside world may as well not exist and life can feel like a fantasy.

As with all things though, this changes (but not necessarily for the worst).  

Along the way, you will most probably face challenges in your marriage and moments where you aren’t as connected with your spouse as you could be. All relationships go through these phases. The key factor is to learn from these instances and allow them to strengthen what you have with your spouse.

As and when these issues arise, deal with them as best as you can. The more you do, the better you will become at communicating with your partner. Neglecting this process will only make any problems between grow larger and make future progress less likely.

Some couples avoid talking about their problems and overcoming them. This can lead to feeling angry with each other and misunderstood but most importantly, no is progress made. It is here where it easy to get disenchanted and seek the comfort and emotions you once experienced in the honeymoon phase.

In order to avoid this, consistently develop your communication skills and how you interact with each other. Make sure your partner feels able and comfortable with discussing any issue that may be pertinent to them. This will help to develop your understanding of each other.

An essential skill in achieving this is being able to discuss sensitive topics without having a fight. You should remain calm and logical and come away with more insight. If your partner criticises you in some way, ask yourself honestly if there is an element of truth in what they have said. This will help you to become more self aware and look at the situation from a different angle.

In conjunction with developing how you communicate, it is important that you give each other the time and affection that your marriage requires. It simply isn’t enough to live under the same roof together and do your own things. Make time to connect emotional and enjoy each other’s company.

Find ways to eliminate stress at the end of each day so that when you are around each other, you aren’t arguing. You are instead just being a married couple; listening, communicating, laughing, unwinding, being romantic, having a good time.

This may seem unrealistic for you now, but as you get into the habit of releasing your stress and tension as opposed to taking it out on other, you can really start to enjoy your relationship. Work through the rough patches and become a more intelligent couple for everything that you have with your loved to make sense again.

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