The igbo and the sanctity of marriage

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In the time of creation, God created the Igbo people like any other person in the world, with the command to take dominion over the earth. The Igbo people however do their best to conduct themselves in the environment they find themselves, which is quite peculiar to them alone. The way the Igboman speaks, believes and acts in the society constitute his culture.

This makes him different. The Bible says in the book of Proverbs Chapter 18 verse 22 that whosoever finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord. Marriage, an institution, which God Himself instituted, has been duly preserved and used to glorify and honour God. The Igboman believes entirely in this and before he steps out to the get married, he makes sure that there are adequate finances to sustain the marriage. For the Igboman to be financially independent he enters into school, business or trade. In the end, through hard work and perseverance, he gains the desired independence.

After that, he looks for a good wife so that he could obtain the favour of the Lord – a wife (in the Biblical sense) that would respect the marriage as was commanded by God. Neither the men nor the women see marriage as a contract. This makes it very hard for both parties to terminate a marriage agreement whenever the going is no longer rosy. Both the man and the woman try their best to become a helper in the home so as to meet the family’s needs. Right from time, an Igbo man’s wife has been known to be down-to-earth, hardworking, faithful and loving. In return, the man loves her and makes sure she has the best of all that she needs: wrappers, clothes, etc. The Igboman’s wife is a model and a sacred being that should not be tempered with. The man may not be buying for himself best of cloths but the type the wife puts on is of primary importance to him. So in a gathering of women the Igbo man’s wife can be identified as wearing the best and costliest of cloths and as such the pride of the family.

The Igbo man’s wife at home is a partner in progress and toils with the Husband to meet their family’s needs. The Igbo man’s culture does not place his wife equal to him in the family. The man is the head of the family, as God made it from the beginning. This makes the culture of the Igboman to be in tune with the will and mind of God concerning Christian families. The Igbo man’s wife is a good house-keeper and manager. Many non Igbo ladies fall out of proposed Igbo marriages when they fall short of these qualities. It is a taboo in Igbo land for a wife to openly challenge the authority of her husband. This is not funny to his culture and the will of God. The origin of such disobedient qualities is the devil himself.

The non-Igbo ladies who are brought up along Igbo lines find the Igboman loving, peaceful and faithful in marriage. The Igboman is therefore a model in the home for all other tribes in Nigeria and indeed the whole world.

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