The law of attraction

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Do you ever notice about the people that we just love being around; their character is easy going, thoughtful, free spirited, and humble, and they naturally treat everyone with respect and dignity. The common underlying element is that their integrity and maturity cannot be compromised, no matter what the situation that they encounter. They are consistent with their actions and choices, and hold only themselves accountable for their actions and behavior. With this, you feel free and relaxed in their presence, knowing they are honest and driven by integrity to the core. They are genuinely elated and joyful when you win, and join you with empathy and support when you fail.  They always give you the benefit of the doubt, because if they didn’t trust you, they wouldn’t be associated with you in the first place.  They clearly understand that we can never force, scare, obligate, or manipulate anyone to genuinely enjoy our companionship. They understand that this universal law simply implies (a sane person) treating others with honesty, dignity and respect is the only option for us to genuinely attract and take pleasure in each other’s company. Anger, cruelty, control, jealousy, disrespect, dishonesty, preferential treatment, hypersensitivity, and drama are just a fraction of ways that can easily destroy that very trust and enjoyment between friends, family etc. Fortunately, I think most people are pretty easy going, trustworthy and kind and very enjoyable to be around. It’s easy to recognize, because you feel re-energized instead of drained after being around them. I find it one of the most important values to hold myself accountable in treating others with that same respect. In keeping it real I remind myself to ask these questions: Do people enjoy being around you? Are others free to authentically express themselves in your presence without worry or apprehension of your over-reaction or judgment? Are you always honest regardless of the situation or only when it works to your favor? Do you put on a facade or are you true in expressing your real spirit? Do you demand preferential treatment? Do you choose to be easily offended by others, even though their intentions are pure, unselfish and good? Do you find yourself insulting others purely out of your own insecurity? Most important, do others really enjoy and relax spending time around you? A great example of this law of attraction is very clearly demonstrated through animals with their unconditional love, they always forgive however they don’t forget.  If an animal is treated badly, they keep their distance or run in the other direction to protect themselves from harm. However, if we show them respect, love and kindness, their own free will naturally draws them to us, because they enjoy being around us. There is no obligation or rule that overrides this law of attraction whether it be friends, family, lovers, acquaintance …or even our pets.

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