The meeting of the minds!

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The Meeting of the Minds!

Written by: A.D Reem

One of our most commonly encountered situations in life is when we meet someone new
and engage in a true meeting of the minds; when one person’s intellect and
consciousness meets, questions and then connects to another’s mind.  What is this meeting of the minds? It must be acknowledged and recognized that each of us are unique in our thinking and thought creation processes. The inter-connection of our inner selves to our own inner thought creation is the first experience we encounter when meeting someone. After our initial inner self-assessment, follows thought outcomes which transfer into emotions and feelings towards the person we have met.

When we meet someone in our daily lives and communicate, we are constantly striving
for common ground in the thoughts portrayed by our inner selves with those received from the other person or persons. The other person is also searching, seeking for their own common ground with us based on their own inner speech and inner thoughts on what we have shared or have not shared. By this continual probing of each other’s unique inner mind thoughts and conversational topics raised, both individuals are seeking to establish the meeting of the mind’s.

The meeting of minds could therefore not be assumed as being a solitary instigation of communication from one individual to another. The meeting of minds could be assumed as a to-and-fro approach between individuals that is ongoing until common ground is realized or a conflict occurs. Conflict occurs when an individual’s inner communication, controlled by their own belief system, conflicts with another’s. While it is important to recognize that a conflict of
beliefs has occurred it is more important to realize that a meeting of the minds will not be possible. Belief systems between individuals that differ in inner sense communication are virtually impossible to change from one exchange to another.

When a commonality of inner thoughts occurs between one to the other an attraction can often be the result. The attraction is not necessarily a physical attraction but a mental attraction as both individuals are excited at finding the other. Both people are somehow transfixed on each other’s sharing of topical information and continue to probe and sometimes push the other to determining what in fact could break their meeting of the minds after this attraction may have begun. When the probing and pushing has completed with an impasse as the result, it does not break the overall attraction between them like a conflict of beliefs would do immediately.

The individuals can now accept, that while there is indifference between their
inner selves communication, it is accepted as simply a difference of opinion and does not inhibit their true acknowledgment that they have encountered a meeting of the minds. The greatest lovers of all time love themselves first and then encounter their lover by this meeting of the minds. Indifference between these lovers is simply an opportunity recognized to problem solve together rather than be used as a weapon to hurt the other.

The meeting of the minds is what every human being seeks, attracts and actively
wants when meeting someone. To have someone not only recognize their inner self communication and knowledge but have it aligned to their own is one of the most powerful and beautiful interactions we can ever hope to have.

I would love to hear people’s responses and feedback to my article. I find discussion and debate in all its forms is what advances our thinking!

This article is written by the Author of the book, “What
if Jesus Christ was an Alien!”

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