The most effective approach to saving your marriage alone

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It can be incredibly difficult for a person in a marriage who is the only one interested in making their relationship work.

As things between you and your partner get progressively worse, you feel as though there’s even less chance of recovery and are bewildered by what approach to take.

Although this is a less than desirable situation to be in, it isn’t a helpless one and there are in fact actions that can be taken to make the relationship healthier once again.

However, If both husband and wife weren’t interested in strengthening their marriage, that would be a different scenario altogether.

It is very easy to start believing that you won’t be able to make any serious change in your relationship. The way to get past thinking this way is by taking responsibility for yourself.

This is a great way to begin in developing your marriage as the positive energy that you’re putting into your own life will have a strong influence on your partner.

It may well be tempting at this stage to get resentful and angry with your spouse for not being more co-operative, but having these kinds of thoughts will not help you in any way.

Even if this is how you feel, it is necessary in this situation to put your relationship first for a while.

Not allowing yourself to get hurt or let down like this will enable you to see your relationship in a new light. Understand that you have just as much of a voice and responsibility as you partner does. This can help to establish the correct frame of mind to have in your marriage.

You should be relieved to hear that making positive change doesn’t have to involve huge and challenging efforts on your part. What can be very effective is simply to do thoughtful tasks and activities which will help your partner and show that you appreciate them.

Despite the fact that it is usually these seemingly unimportant activities which people overlook, they are relevant and don’t go unnoticed.

Just take a second to think how well your partner would respond to being cooked for after a long, stressful day at work or to be told how grateful you are when they do something kind and meaningful for you.

You must approach doing this in a genuine manner; don’t be sarcastic or two faced in these situations but instead just your honest, wonderful self!

Following through with these ideas should spur your other half to engage in your relationship more and eventually become more receptive to this kindness you have demonstrated. The key is consistency and to maintain this level of awareness even when times are difficult and you aren’t getting the response you desire.

At times, it will be easy to say to yourself ‘what’s the point? It’s not like this is going to make any difference’. Just carry on undeterred and you will see an improvement in your relationship and how you interact with each other.

You will inspire you spouse with the passion you have for your marriage which is when you will see them happily invest as much energy into it as you have.

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