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Are you ready to Singles Meet Washington DC?  I know I am!  It is time to say goodbye to the old dating approaches and say hello to speed dating.  If you are ready for some real results.

So, I heard about the hot new way to meet local singles in my area from my colleague.  Apparently, there is this club called ProsintheCity that has more than two hundred thousand members in the Washington, D.C. area.  Can you just imagine how many hot young people are members of the organization?!  According to the company, most of their members are between the ages of 25 and 40, so that is just the right age group for me.  I have even thought about hooking my uncle up with some tickets to their Baby Boomers events as well.

Not to mention, that the majority of the people (at least 99%) who are in the group are professionals with busy lifestyles, just like us.  It is very convenient to be dating someone who works around the same schedule as you because you can understand each other better.  Hopefully, some of the Singles Meet Washington DC events will have people I went to school with in attendance.

You know, I have tried to meet singles online so many times, but it just never seems to work out.  I think what really sucks about the web sites is that the people on there are scattered.  The online members are from all over the United States whereas the people who go to the speed dating events are from around this area.  There really is no point in meeting someone who lives miles away, for you can not have much of a steady relationship that way.

I have learned from my colleague that there is a huge difference in results between sending dozens of messages back and forth on a web site and meeting a person face to face and actually speaking to them.  Now that I know the right kinds of questions to ask, I am ready to join my friend on a double Singles Meet Washington DC speed dating adventure!

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