The obstacles to getting a man

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There is no need to make dating full of twists and turns. But, as hard as they try, some women will still have trouble keeping and finding a man. There will be more than a few reasons why this is so. For one, some girls just do not know what to do. Also, it can be easy to fall for some of the everyday obstacles to dating.

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Found below are a few of the most typical obstacles to finding a man.

1. Being a Pessimistic Sally. It is only normal for a person to want to whine about things. We whine about the poor economy, our horrible bosses, how awfully we are treated, etc. It will not help you in any way, but many people use as a stress relief technique. It makes us feel worse than we already do. You are going to turn off your date if you keep complaining. In its place, try to keep yourself from complaining. When you are still mastering how to find a boyfriend, try to view things in a ‘glass half full’ way.

2. Being Overly Demanding on Yourself. We have a lot of critics, but the one inside is the worst one. When you are still learning how to get a boyfriend, you should stop being extremely critical of yourself. You will need to take a look at the constructive as an alternative to the negative. Listen to him and pay attention to whatever it is that he is sharing.

3. The Needy Trap. If you act extremely needy and too clingy, no one is going to like you. Value your independence first so that you do not become that girl. Before you look for a guy, have a life first. Have friends and let him have his. Don’t ditch them the instant that you and your man want to get serious.

4. Being a Doormat. Ladies, make sure that you keep your own opinion about things. Don’t force anything if something does not feel right. Never allow your man to walk all over you. You should never be coddling him either.

5. Forcing Commitment. When you are learning how to get a guy, the first thing you should realize is that you cannot make someone do something they don’t like. You shouldn’t force commitment on a guy if he does not want it. Instead, you will need to look into making your relationship as healthy as possible. One where you and the guy are both happy and satisfied.


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