The power of the flower

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You realise in relationships that you are going to mess up from time to time; you are going to make mistakes as well as make problems for yourself along the way. The main thing you need to realise is that there is always a way out of these problems, because most men underestimate the power of the flower. Flowers do strange things to women, they seem to just make up for whatever you may have done wrong, and you become the sweetest guy in the world.

It is important that you don’t skimp on the flowers, and you get the very best available, but at the same time you need to make the most of what you have done wrong. The flower is the get out of jail free card, what’s a little bit of money when you don’t have to go to much effort to reciprocate what you have done wrong.

Get what you need to get done, and then just buy her flowers, and as long as you know which flowers she loves most then you will have the recipe for success, you can only go one way and that is up. You learn everything you need to know about each other and you will get the best out of each other, but when you do go wrong just pop down to the florist.

Flowers are associated with many things. Weddings and funerals being the most paramount but they also capture a lot of other pheromones in the human body, they remind us of happy occasions, the start of spring or a happy day in a meadow, and all these things turn women into forgiving saps once they remember them.

Exploit this, you are not a man if you don’t. You will mess up from time to time, and as long as the flowers don’t become a recipe for success every week it won’t lose its effect. You can continue to mess up and still have a good time doing it, you will be able to do what you want and get away with it. So make the most of what you do wrong and then just buy flowers.

On the odd occasion that your woman doesn’t like flowers, find out what her Achilles heel is and then just go for it. Every woman has one whatever it may be and you need to use it for those times when you mess up.

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