The power of the hippocratic oath to stop your divorce save your marriage

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You may be going down that rockie road in your relationship, your feeling sad, depressed and hurt, and you wish you knew how to save your marriage. The overwhelm of emotions can take it’s toll and whether you decide to try to salvage the relationship or to start out new with somebody else, both will require an extensive commitment of your time and effort. Relationships give us great opportunites to grow; I encourage you to embrace the lessons.

The harvest of love does not come spontaneously. It requires a time for planting and time for cultivation. Where severe damage has ocurred to the crop that once existed, time must be taken to clear the field. Only then can one start to recultivate. So the main difference between restoring a broken relationship and beginning a new one is that it may take longer to restore the broken one. Time is needed to undo weeks, months, or even years of damage that have taken their toll on the relationship. However, the only real mistake is to quit trying.

If, on average, you have built a solid foundation for love, it is possible that with some fine-tuning you will stop your divorce save your marriage. Taking the effort to stop the divorce will require you to take on this one major rule, as found in medicine’s Hippocratic Oath, “First, do no harm.” Stop your divorce save your marriage with common courtesy — it will go a long way.
Another tactic you can deploy to stop your divorce save your marriage is to apply the principles of love and romance. Follow this simple advice it has power. Watch the game playing. Unfortunately many people resort to this during breakups because of the sense of control it has. You may get a sense of power making the other person think that you don’t care; when you do, you’ll realize that lying and tricking the other person isn’t a good feeling.

I warn you against pretending to be dating someone else. This will only complicate matters. Your ex could be so jealous at the thought of you being with someone else that they want you back.  Or they could decide that since you moved on so quickly, you don’t really care about them anyway. You have no way of knowing which way this ploy will work until it’s too late. Do you really want to take the chance of of going the wrong way?

Be sweet. Salty behavior is distastful in any situation or any relationship, but sometimes the resentment and anger around a breakup makes us act more defensive and vicious than we normally might. Breakups hurt, but regardless of your hurt, you keep thinking, “how do I stop this divorce?” this shows that your ready to forgive that person. If this wasn’t the case, you’d be glad it was over. Let’s reflect, how have you been conducting yourself? Would your ex look forward to spending time with you or talking to you? Do you bring up the past, nag, shout? Would you dread each time? Let’s change all this by controlling your anger and hurt, and being the person they can miss, have fun with.

“How do I stop a divorce?” Ask yourself, “what drew them to me in the first place?” I’m sure you were on your best behavior. Not hard to do, right? I encourage you to sparkle and shine your best self. You’ll have a better chance of getting back together with your ex. They will remember your good points and miss them. Here are just some of the initial steps I followed when I lost the love of my life. I have to give credit where credit is due; to be honest these aren’t my original ideas. When I had no idea of how to get my true love back I turned to T ‘Dub’ Jackson. He wrote a simple, step by step, down to earth plan called “The Magic of Making Up”. And I believe his guidance can stop a divorce save a marriage in no time! I learned a lot from him — his book works like magic! Now our relationship is stronger than ever.

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