The top 4 things not to do if you want a girlfriend

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You see a lot of articles on what you SHOULD do to get a date/Girlfriend but you don’t see many explaining what you SHOULDN’T do to get a date/girlfriend. That is why I have created the below tips and what not to do if you want to get a girlfriend.

1. Don’t Shower her with gifts

Gifts are OK for birthdays/Christmas etc but don’t be buying her gifts or presents while you are just starting out dating. Buying a presents will just put her on a pedestal and make her think of you as a bit of a chump. She will see you as someone who will get her what she wants when she wants and so treat you like crap. Woman want someone that treats them right but that also is not a complete walk over.

2. Don’t be immature around a woman you like

If you act like a kid you will be put in the “Friend Zone” fairly quickly. There is no problem acting like a kid around you friends but if you want a woman to like you, you are going to have to act like a man. Now there is nothing wrong with having a sense of humour but just get it toned down for the first couple of dates. Once she is your girlfriend, then you can start joking around and stuff.

3. Don’t be the possessive/jealous

Don’t be ringing her up every 10 mins asking her what she is doing. Don’t ask her out every night, let her ring you sometimes. If a woman thinks you are possessive she will be put off straight away. The best thing to do is to let things move naturally, don’t force things.

4. Don’t fall out with her friends

What ever you do, make sure you are nice to her female friends. If her friends don’t like you for any reason you can be sure they will tell your potential girlfriend that they don’t. It is best to keep polite to her friends and don’t rub give them any reason not to like you. Even if they are annoying as hell.

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