The true meaning of friendship

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There is no wonder why we have lost the true meaning of friendship. We can really get lost and be confused in a world that everything is changing very fast. I this humble article I will try to do my best in explain what a true friendship is.

1. We are all different people, it is almost impossible to find two people that are completely identical in their thoughts, behaviors and feelings. But good friends don’t have to have the same personalities; there can be also so big differences. So a true friendship is also about accepting the differences.

2. There have to be a debate, you can not agree all the time with your best friendship, it is very important and healthy to the relationship to disapprove from time to time. If everything is similar than friends will get bored together, the differences is the thing that will open a dialogue to help you explore new topics with your best friend.

3. You have to feel good when you are around your friends. If you feel uncomfortable near a person, no matter what you will do, you will never be in a friendship relationship with him or her. This is because what is important is the good feeling of been together and if it’s not there then it will never work between you two.

4. Friends have history, good moments and bad moments so it is very important to forget and also to forgive for things that has done in the past, and keep on living together in a bright and happy future.

5. The first impression is the most important thing when it comes to true friendship. The first time you meet someone – you will already know if you can be in a true friendship with him or her.

It is really hard to find a true and meaning friendship in the world we are living today. So if you found one, don’t let it go away.


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