The truth about women

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I grew up in a family of five – four sisters and me.  My sisters doted on me from the get go.  You see I was their little guy since I was next to the youngest girl.  From an early age I realized that men and women are very much different animals and what my sisters gave me in experience was priceless!

I once read an article about women being prose oriented and men being object oriented.  Oh, how true that article was!  My sisters spent most of their time writing about their dream guy, talking on the phone, talking with each other, talking about each other, talking about their friends, trying on makeup, clothes, drawing, painting, studying actors faces (zodiac characteristics), planning this shopping trip, planning that party and reading romance stories by the boat load!  All the while I had to escape with my friends to build the raft, fly the plane, shot the bow, make the gun, throw the knife, build the fort, climb the highest, blow up the bottle, throw 10,000 rocks at anything that moved and catch every living creature in our neighborhood!

Yes, I knew from my childhood that men and women are very different, but what I didn’t know was that my sisters would be my mentors in high school and show me the truth about women.  Sarah, the oldest, would say “… and he wonders why she left him?  The guy is a complete kiss a..!  Anything she said he did!  Oh, baby this and Oh baby that!  What a dweeb!  Tony, don’t you ever act like that around women!  They will use you!”
Ah, my first lesson in women and at no charge.  This went on day and night through out my high school life and after a while I caught on.  This was priceless info and I was privy to it all.

One conversation between Cathy and Susan gave me an incite into the romantic nature of women that I never knew.  “The way he looks at me makes me feel sleepy, Cathy told Susan.” “Sleepy!  What the devil is she talking about?”  I thought to myself, straining to hear from my room.  “Yeah, said Susan, he has bedroom eyes.  Very sexy!”  Man, I knew that clown!  He was about as sexy as a late notice!  Wow!  Where do they get this stuff from?  Nevertheless boy, pay attention!  You are in training and it is free!

So, never “kiss a woman’s a..” and you must have “bedroom eyes”.  Got it!  Those two bits of information, even to this day, seem to work for me.  Maybe, not so dramatically as stated, but the simple truth is that women want a man to be a man.  Here is where you loose your audience!   What is the definition of “a man”?   I’m rough, I’m tough and I can kick anyone’s a..!  I don’t think so!  That’s not quite what a real man is.  Ok, let’s work on the definition, but what about those “bedroom eyes”?  “When I look at women they cream!”  Again, missing the point, needs more work.

After a few mistakes, I found out what really makes women tick and it may surprise you!  “You don’t need to do anything to get the attention of a woman!”  What the heck is that suppose to mean? Women, because of their nature and working countless hours on romance, are much more advanced in recognizing true manly traits. You cannot fake it guys!  You can work out and buff up, walk around as though you own the world, make all the money in the world but never really bring it home for women!  That’s why the rag tag guy driving the eight-year-old van around seems to get more girls than you do in your Lexus.  I’ll grant you good looks and money will get you notice but you will never live up to the image of the man she designed in her early years unless you are that person!  Women have a propensity for spotting fakes!

So, what are you telling me?  That I have to become the image of the man she dreamed up?  Yes, that is what I am telling you and you know why?  Because it is in your best interest to be what you were intended to be! Through the brainwashing of society, men have compromised everything in order to keep up with society. Rather than being your own man, you are everyone else’s.  I don’t mean you run around helping others too much.  What I do mean is that you compromise what you know to be right at work and at home and women loathe that.  They may not tell you at the time of the compromise, but they loose respect for men that do not stand on what they believe.  Now, I didn’t say you had to be right!  You just have to stand on a solid belief in order to attract women.  Even the most dreaded dictators in the world attracted women, because they were committed or should have been!

So, what do you mean exactly?  Great secret – It is not just major events that strike a women’s id, it is the daily things you do and say that affect her romantic feelings f

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