The wrong path

Posted in Divorce.

It was early july when I last met them. During that half an hour with them was very hurtful to me and no doubt also for them too. They married some months before as a result of strong bond of love in between them. I was surprised when i observed that love is no more in between them. They were blaming continuously at each other and even didn’t care ethical values. The situation got so much worsed that after a week i got bad news of divorse in between them.

During that time with them I realized that love is one of the most powerful emotion which on one hand makes us closer without caring cast, values and religion and on the other hand put our thought under emotions. Our emotions become dominant on our thoughts.That strong emotions of love weakens our ability to judge the person to whom we started loving. I believe that intensity of love never remains same and it may fluctuate after marriage but the thing which need to remain same is respect. Before marriage most of couples keep a lot of expectations from each other but can’t think that it may not be possible then. It was only in movies when hero and heroine do fulfil their expectations but reality is quite different. We need to analyze our society and try to think and believe on reality. We need to care partner’s sentiments even after marriage. Instead to blame each other, try to find the solution calmly and positively. I strongly believe that there are solutions of every probelm but if we think in keep strengthen our relationship rather than to choose the wrong path.

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