There ain't no mountain high enough

Posted in Dating.

In your relationship you need to have devotion to the girl you’re with, and the desire that requires you to run through brick walls for her if required. There should be no mountain high enough when it comes to her, and no river long enough because no matter what the duration or the challenge you should be able to make the most of your time together.

You need to make her the be all and end all of your life, if she is the one you are to be with. You need to make her feel as though it is a foregone conclusion that you are going to do everything you can to make her happy. And if you can manage to do that, your life becomes a whole lot easier, and you find yourself in a situation like no other. You can relax knowing that the girl you have got is the girl of your dreams.

And not just that, but you are the guy of her dreams and that counts for a whole lot more, finding love and happiness is one thing, but having it reciprocated is the most important thing. And the fact that you were able to do that for someone says a whole lot about you, it make you into the man that you knew you always could be. You are the man that you have always wanted to be and you will get the best out of your life if you manage to do this.

You need to always have her feelings under wraps, know what she want you to do, don’t ask just know and you will have the best sex you could ever have. That’s just one of the perks of not putting yourself first for a change. You will get the best out of her, and you will both be the best versions of yourself for a change.

You will be able to get everything you want out of life, as well as making the most of life at the same time. You have the best of both worlds, and what’s more is the rest of your life becomes just as easy to enjoy and follow up because of your happiness. You become successful at work, your friends adore you, you become a great father eventually and you make the most of every element of your life. So to get what you need be devoted.

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