There was the girl at school remember

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We all have a first love, someone we shared everything with most possibly at school, and what makes it all possible the chance of having your first love. We all remember amazing details about them, the way they smelt, the first kiss, certain things they did when you were with them and the innocence of naivety that you were in. Those days you thought it would last forever when normally it would last anywhere near as long, you would see yourself with a girl for a maximum of six months.

But you never know what life has in store for you and you could very well find yourself ending up with someone like that, if not that person because life has a funny way of coming back around. Just when you thought your life wouldn’t ever go back to the ventures of youth, you would be surprised as to what you can find out about yourself when it eventually does.

Things always come back around and how great would it be if you had all this history, you both got to go off and have your fun and then later in life you find each other again and realise all your dreams. That is what life is all about, and it is so very important that you realise that, if you don’t you may find yourself regretting it.

Know what you want and seize it, because opportunity doesn’t come knocking twice, if you blow it the chance are you’ve blown it for good and you won’t get it back. SO be decisive and swift, get the best out of your life and try and spend it together if you can, because if you can then you will get everything you have ever seeked out of your relationship.

You will find that you have both realised what you want and most probably you have realised that you want the same things as each other. Get yourself together and move in for the kill, get to know each other and learn what you are all about again and those feelings will come rushing back. You will know exactly what I mean when it comes to it, and you will get the best out of life that way.

So move on with your life, but don’t forget the past because you never know when it might come knocking on your door.

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