Things you must remember while falling in love online

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The environment of online is the ultimate breeding ground of fantasies as it allows people to ascribe to all the marvelous qualities that we want in our partner to the person whom we have never met. So, if you have taken plunge and have set up an online profile, you have to just sit back waiting for messages to keep flowing in or to look out for other profiles over the net.

Falling in love online is similar to doing that offline but can prove to be lot easier and safer if done in a right way:

• Creating a favorable impression:

Never create a misleading profile because this will never attract the perfect match and even if you do find that ultimate person out there, he or she will get away from you as soon as he or she gets to know your real identity. Think before you say anything. When contacting a person for first time or while responding to a person’s message, never use tempting or cheap language because this will definitely ruin your entire relationship before even building one.

Also try to put forward your best foot. Before hitting the send button, always remember to review the message that you have typed because bad spelling and grammar can really turnoff some people. The same rule applies to your profile also, whenever you edit the narrative; make sure that it is ultimately correct.

• Things to discuss

Before falling in love online, both of you will obviously want to know more about each other, so you should give space to discussions and interrogations. Some of the topics that you should discuss about yourselves is about your admirations, about your families, about your most prized possessions, your greatest achievements, your dreams, your strengths and weaknesses, the factors that make both of you depressed or angry and what kind of relationship both of you are looking for.

• Privacy and Safety

One of the greatest things about falling in love online is the privacy and safety that it provides you. You do not need to reveal all of yourself in the first chat itself like your telephone number, address, work place and family details unless you create a complete sense of trust on each other. You also need not meet the person offline until you really trust him or her. You can also back off any time when you feel that the loving and kind guy out there has starting sounding like a wild beast.

• Time to meet offline

Now you have sent messages, chat and mailed enough to each other and you want to meet in for real, it is better to take someone along to ensure safety. Try to meet in public places initially ideally at lunch if possible. Also remember to take your mobile phone with you and try to receive a pre-arranged call during the date. It is also better to tell someone about your meeting and where are you going. The main idea is to relax and have fun, keeping things as safe as possible.

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